A cena con...

No ordinary dinner

A mosaic work
turned into
an immersive experience
through virtual reality


Artwork description

A finely decked table complete of tablewares and mosaic works representing various foods, two chairs and a mysterious personality.
“A cena con” is among the first artworks exploring the integration between a VR viewer and mosaic works to offer a multisensory and immersive experience.

Food is transformed into a representative aspect of the mysterious personality, an element able to present in an original way her/his life and the influence of food on her/his artistic production.

Visitors are invited to sit at the table and wear the viewer and headphones, in order to experience a virtual dinner with the artist through a vision beyond real life.

A serial project

“A cena con” is conceived as a collection of many artworks, a series of various tables inspired by different personalities (artists, movie directors, writers or actors etc.), represented by food related or important to them.
Thus, food preferences and habits become a personality’s distinctive trait and a different way to tell her/his story.

A playful artwork

“A cena con” can be regarded as a sort of game, able to offer the visitors the chance to experience the artwork in an engaging and immersive manner. In fact, the identity of the famous artist inspiring the artwork is not previously revealed and can be identified by the audience only through the hints provided during the experience.
Two chairs, one of which reserved for the artist: visitors are invited to get confortable on their dedicated chair and, from that special point of view, to immerse into an actual dinner with the misterious personality, through a vision beyond tangible reality.
Each artwork element is carefully chosen and designed to best represent the personality and offer the chance to explore her/his life and historical period. Thus the table, chairs and tablewares are not limited to an ornamental or contextual function but rather they are an integral part and fundamental component of the representation.

Mosaic and technology

“A cena con” is among the first mosaic works integrating a VR viewer, a rather new technology that offers the chance for the user to get isolated and carried to an alternate envoironment.
Through virtual reality the audience gets the opportunity to see elements not present on the table, participate to their transformations and get access to additional information and hints about the artwork, as well as being involved in a unique journey.


Trasfigurazioni del gusto (Solo Exhibit) June 4th - July 3rd 2016
Palazzo del Monte di Pietà, Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, Forlì (Italy).

The artwork participated to the 2015 GAeM International Prize
at the Art Museum of the city of Ravenna.

Silvia Naddeo

Silvia Naddeo (1984 - Rome, Italy) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna in 2011.

She is the recipient of the Domenico Ghidoni International Prize in 2015, Starting Point! Prize in 2011, the R.A.M Awards in 2011 and the National Arts Prize in 2010.

Her artworks have been shown throughout Italy and abroad, including the Na Kashirke National Gallery and the Musivum Gallery in Moscow, the Art Museum of the city of Ravenna, the Chapelle Saint-Éman in Chartres (France) and the Civic Museum Il Cassero for the italian sculpture of the 18th and 19th century.

The artist combines her artistic experience with the topic of food, investigating its specific socio-cultural aspects: a bond between mosaic and culinary arts that results in an experience of sharing and sensory nourishment.


Silvia Naddeo

Concept and mosaic works

Consonant Studio

CConcept and virtual reality, press office and communication strategy

Francesco Enea

Creative Director, UX/UI Designer

Filippo Enea

Operational Director, Account Manager

Sara Battilana

Copywriter/Content Designer


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